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Top 3 Collapsible Metal Dog Crates (2023)

It’s an unfortunate fact of life for dog owners that sometimes, you’re going to need to confine your dog temporarily. Perhaps they don’t get along well with other dogs that are visiting your home, or perhaps you’re taking your pup on a camping trip and need to keep them under control until you get there.

What Qualities Make A Good Metal Collapsible Dog Crate?

Whatever your reasons, you need to have full confidence in the collapsible dog crate that you’ve chosen – which means taking a number of factors into consideration. When writing this article, we were sure to take into account the following:


When purchasing a collapsible dog crate, you want to be assured of its sturdiness. There’s no point in buying a crate that’s going to collapse (in the wrong way) after a few uses – or worse, is unable to hold a particularly boisterous dog and breaks mid-transit.
While dog crates come in many different materials (wood, plastic, cloth) we opted to confine our review to metal crates only, as they are undoubtedly the sturdiest variety on offer. We also took into account whether or not the corners were reinforced, and the quality of the locking mechanism.

Portability/Ease Of Stowage

Metal doesn’t necessarily mean heavy. We were sure to look at dog crates that were relatively lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to stow when not in use. This also included examining the carrying handles and, where applicable, wheels of a dog crate.


It’s imperative that your dog is safe and comfortable while in a dog crate. With this in mind, we examined each crate for typical safety features of dog crates, e.g. rounded corners to avoid bumps and bruises, and proper ventilation to ensure your dog stays at a comfortable temperature.

Weight And Size Capacity

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes, and so what’s appropriate for a Chihuahua is not going to work for, say, a German shepherd. We therefore made sure to look at crates that came in a variety of sizes to accommodate different breeds.
With those qualities in mind, let’s take a look at the top 3 collapsible metal dog crates of 2023.

Petmate 2 Door Training Retreat Wire Kennel

This simple wire collapsible dog crate isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel; it’s an uncomplicated and straightforward welded-steel crate that will ensure your dog is contained yet comfortable.

As the name might suggest, the crate features two doors – one on the front, and one on the side. This eliminates any awkward shoehorning of the crate into the back of your SUV in order to make it easier to let the dog out later; with two doors to choose from, you can slide the crate in any way that works for you, and then easily let the pup out when you get to your destination

The pan is break-resistant and leak-proof (for any unfortunate accidents while on the road). The crate also sports a five-point locking system that eliminates gaps or weak points throughout, and ensures that both doors stay shut and secure throughout your journey. If there is one mark against the Petmate, it’s that the door latches don’t always close securely, meaning that the owner has to be very careful to ensure that it’s closed before setting off. In addition, scratchers and chewers may be able to damage the wire mesh over time, so it’s not suitable for dogs that exhibit these traits.

metal wire dog crate petmate


Two-door design:
Strong and durable:
Secure locking system:
Compact and collapsible:
Not suitable for chewers:

Fur Planet Online Rating: 

Durability       ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5
Portable         ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Safety              ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

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The PawHut Folding Design Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Crate & Kennel

This sturdy, wire-mesh cage sports 4 wheels, making it extremely easy for even a single person to move around and get into position. The wheels, naturally, are lockable, so once it’s in position you can rest assured that it’s not going to move around.

The large front-facing door means that you can get your dog in and out quickly and easily, and features two sliding locks to make sure that door’s not going to open once you’ve locked it. Because it’s wire, too, your dog will be able to breathe easily, with ample access to fresh air.

The PawHut also features a slide-out tray along the bottom for ease of cleaning. This ensures that it’s easy to ensure the crate is clean and hygienic for your dog, and in the event of any accidents, you can quickly rectify the issue. There’s also a cover to keep the interior of the crate dry in the event of bad weather.
As with the Petmate, the wire design is not great for dogs who are prone to chewing or scratching, as they will damage it over time. There have also been reports of the wheels not locking properly, which can obviously be a major issue if you’re in transit.

Metal dog crate/kennel


Easy to move
Not suitable for chewers 

Fur Planet Online Rating 

Durability                             ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5
Portable                              ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5
Safety                                 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

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The MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door iCrate Dog Crate

The iCrate represents the height of comfort, security and portability when it comes to dog crates. It uses heavy-duty wire finished in thick black electro-coating, making it tough, long-lasting, and resistant to dogs who chew and scratch.

It’s purchasable with either one or two doors depending on your needs, and the low-threshold, wide-opening doors make getting your pet into the crate smooth and hassle-free. The wire design also makes it eminently breathable, and it’s easy to check on your dog with nothing more than a quick glance. This is also great for anxious pets, who can easily see you even if you’re on the move in a car.

A plastic tray is included, but there have been reports that it’s not terribly durable, and may crack over time. In addition, while the wire mesh is more resistant than some other dog crates’, it’s still somewhat prone to chewers, who may damage it over time.


Heavy-duty construction
Choice of single or double doors
Breathable and visible
Portable and easy to store
Plastic tray included

Fur Planet Online Rating:

Durability                             ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5
Portable                              ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5
Safety                                 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

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Choosing the right collapsible metal dog crate (in 2023) is very much a personal decision, and it may be one that’s based on your budget. With that in mind, it is our estimation that the MidWest iCrate offers the best overall value, with a slightly sturdier and higher-quality design that will stand the test of time.
However, it is a little more expensive than its competitors; if you’d like a decently durable alternative that won’t break the bank, then consider either this sturdy 2-door dog kennel or this top rated folding metal dog crate. Both are a little cheaper while still offering very decent value for money.

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